Tuesday, February 10, 2015

News on Reviews

Reading picture book reviews in periodicals like School Library Journal and Horn Book is a great exercise. Not only can you see what new books are being published, but you can also read about what critiquers and potential purchasers are looking for. Editors must think in these terms as they are considering manuscripts. Can these summaries of rave reviews apply to anything you are currently working on?

~ a fine choice for read alouds
~will have readers conjuring worlds where anything can happen
~an energetic reading experience sure to be a hit
~inspired and instructive silliness
~the message bubbles throughout the story without ever being heavy handed
~exceptional economy of words, striking art and a great choice for all libraries

Reviews in these publications are often factors in purchases made by public and school libraries. With limited budgets, they need to really be discerning.

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