Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

     In getting ready for the PB Academy for the coming conference, I have been looking for advice so I can provide helpful feedback, especially when the work is in verse.  A member of my critique group  recommended this by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman as a very useful, easy to understand explanation. I found it on the web-site of Cynthea Lui called Writing for Teens and Children
More by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman can be found at

Counting the Days

I am so looking forward to the NESCBWI Spring conference in Springfield. I will be in the PB Academy and it sounds like it will be an intensive course. I can't wait! One of the instructors, Anne Broyles, forwarded Michelle Cusolito's recommendation to this link - Mara Rockliff's insights about writing longer picture books, it was very helpful.

I Can't Wait!!