Thursday, February 12, 2015

News on Reviews- Take 2

There are also negative reviews in the journals that librarians receive. One big lesson here is know the market, because editors and librarians certainly will. If one of these summarized comments strikes a bit close to home, time to revise, revise, revise...

~for a more atmospheric portrayal of this situation, try....
~kids will be confused by an incongruous depiction (i.e. well behaved child is suddenly naughty, quiet child is suddenly loud etc)
~this is not an essential purchase
~good art with a lightweight story
~narrators voice sounds too adult
~for libraries that already have...., this would not be a first choice
~for a better told, funnier version, try...

Some of these may seem harsh, but perhaps it's why a manuscript is not making it out of a slush pile. The editors job is to select books that will sell!

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