Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am trying to be better about writing...writing...writing. Unfortunately life keeps getting in the way. The past few days have been spent taking candids of the high school marching band for their festival program.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On A Roll

OK, I am getting the hang of this. Now I need to do some real work, edit some articles and pop them in the mail. Having articles in magazines that the students recognized was a big plus when I did some speech/language work in the elementary school last fall. Several students were motivated to write their own articles, which was great since the concepts of main idea and supporting details were goals for their classroom. It also was fun to be "famous" in their eyes!
I am experimenting to see how easily I can add a photo in to the body of my blog. Looks doable, I'll have to try videos soon!
Well, I decided to do what I have been told in many conferences..write..write..write. I have spent much of the summer reading, which is also a homework assignment I will happily accept! The writing is hard though, I feel a little egomaniacal thinking that anyone really cares about my ramblings. But I will continue to try to do this daily to see what evolves. I am hoping for some ideas for stories for children as well as an increased ease in the mechanics of writing...increased typing speed would be an added perk.

I Can't Wait!!