Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Not a Crime to Write in Rhyme

I love to write rhyme. Unfortunately, rumor has it that children's book publishers are reluctant to look at it.  When rhyme is not done well, it can be downright painful to read. However, new picture books in rhyme are being published constantly so I will remain optimistic and stick with what I love.

As I gear up for Rhyming Month in April, I am trying to read everything I can find on the topic. Here are a couple of sources I found helpful:

I heard Leslie Bulion at an NESCBWI conference. She was great! This is her guest post on Diy MFA

This post by Juliet Clare Bell on the Picture Book Den is informative and looks at how NOT to write in rhyme.

The Rhyme Weaver blog has great nitty gritty information about meter, stress and rhyme.

I found this fact filled post by Margot Finke How to Write a Picture Book with Fabulous Rhyme and Meter . I refer to it often.  It was on Harold Underdown's site.


I had such a great experience with Picture Book Idea Month, I thought I would try one that focuses on writing in rhyme. This one is organized by Angie Karcher and I'm looking forward to it!

I Can't Wait!!