Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Work" Time Spent On-line

I have been spending more time on-line this month. I am participating in RhyPiBoMo, and with each daily post there are wonderful links to be explored. I am also trying to get into the habit of keeping this blog current, so here I am again. Some of the sites I've explored that were useful included:

Cynthia Leitich Smith's How to Write Books for Children and Young Adults- This is full of great information and inspiration

Rhymer- A Free Rhyming Dictionary- I've used RhymeZone before. This is a great alternative.

Angie Karcher's RhyPiBoMo Blog- There is so much information here about writing in rhyme, I've had to take it in in small doses.

Margot Finke's Secrets of Writing for Children- Scroll halfway down and find self-critique tips including a list of words that can be cut. I fall into the same old trap with a few of these words and it's helpful to refer back to the list from time to time.

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