Monday, November 4, 2013

PiBoIdMo is Off and Running

Picture Book Idea Month is off to a roaring start. I have read inspirational blogs, educational posts on Facebook and even a few pins on Pinterest. People have suggested all kinds of places to find those elusive ideas- everywhere from classic fairy tales, to childhood memories and walks in the woods.

 It sounds like I have spent far too much time on my computer, but not so! I have come up with a few ideas worth playing with.

I also want to share a few links that I found helpful.
Vikk Simmons on her blog Down the Writer's Path had some wonderful suggestions for where ideas might be hiding.

A question was asked about how to write in rhyme if it doesn't come naturally. I might suggest sticking with what does come naturally, it will seem the most honest and will show in the quality of the end result. Several good on-line resources were suggested for writing in rhyme. These included:
Lane Fredrickson's
Harold Underdown's link to Margot Finke
And finally The Meter Maids

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