Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What do you do all day?

SO your kids are in school all day, what do you do with yourself? I get that question more often than I'd like and I am reluctant to answer with a litany of seemingly mundane tasks. I sometimes admit that I am freelance writing for children. The response is generally something like "Oh, what a nice hobby." Well, it is nice and it is not a hobby. I thought I should maybe start letting people know more about what I do, but I really am not sure that anyone really cares. So...from time to time, I will jot down a few things here to let people know that I am not on the couch eating bon-bons.

Yesterday I spent time with two amazing older women doing some work for a service project. We are sewing pillowcases that will be used as welcome bags for children that arrive at the Hole in the Wall Camp, The camp does some amazing things for children who are too ill to go to any other summer camp. Making the bags was rewarding, but the time spent with these women was even more so. They have handled all the joys and sorrows that a well lived life can bring, and have reached a place a wisdom and grace that is amazing. I feel that I can learn so much from them, and not just sewing skills. Hopefully, someday I will have a lifetime's worth of knowledge to pass along and someone will actually want to hear it!

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