Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Put Their Best Foot Forward, Highlights for Children, February 2009
Lights Out! Clubhouse Jr., February 2009
Nature's Fisherman, KidZone, Fall 2008
Get your Yard Humming, KidZone, Winter 2008
Catch Some ZZZ's, Child's Digest, May/June 2008
Twas the Last Night of August, Fun For Kidz, September 2007.
What’s For Lunch? Hopscotch, April 2007.
Cheers for Ears, Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr., Nov. 2006
So You Want to be a Luger, Three Leaping Frogs, Nov/Dec. 2004
The ‘Me’ Tree, Story Friends, Sept. 2004
Energy Unplugged, Three Leaping Frogs, Mar/Apr. 2004
Bug Bones, Three Leaping Frogs, May/June 2004
Latch on to Leeches,
www.youngbucksoutdoors, Fall 2003
The Midnight Ride of Sybil, Dear, Three Leaping Frogs, June/July 2003
Jingles, Calliope (pub. by MENSA Writers’ SIG) May/June 2003

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